According to the Laws of Live

Isaiah brought the law of life for the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ, and in our time, Gabriele, the emissary of the Kingdom of God, brought us a comprehensive concept according to the laws of life, for all spheres of life. In many schoolings on the principles of life – equality, freedom, unity, brotherliness and justice – she explained how a person can find his way to honesty and a community spirit, to an awareness for the Earth with its animals, plants and minerals. She taught, and teaches, unity between man, nature and animals, according to the principles of life.

In the Sophia Library, the Ark of the Covenant of the free Spirit today, visitors from all over the world find the entire treasury of the unadulterated word of God in written, audio and visual form. Nearly one thousand radio and television stations around the globe spread the message of life, reporting regularly on the comprehensive concept and its practical application in all spheres of life.

A business concept according to the principles of the Golden Rule for life, a new health care approach of holistic medicine and a new peaceable way of farming, in which the unity of all animals and plants is respected, are also part of this, as well as the development of the pilot project of the Gabriele Foundation “The Land,” where on fields formerly poisoned by man a unique nature paradise has developed in just a few years – a paradise on which man, nature and animals find a home according to the principles of life. International Gabriele Foundations are developing in many countries according to this model.