In the Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life,« the pupils are not separated early on, according to “performance” or “aptitude”; instead, the stay together from the first grade to graduation. Pupils from all social strata, with diverse performance capabilities and the most varying aptitudes learn together and help each other.
  Helping each other and learning from one another -
Older pupils sponsor the younger ones
First Day of School Made Easy

An important stage in life begins for the children on the first day of school. Through a “smooth transition” from kindergarten into school, the first steps into a new “school family” are made easier. Already some time before school begins, the future first graders visit the school once a week. They learn and play together with the first graders, they get to know their future class teacher and acquaint themselves with their new school.
The whole school family welcomes the school beginners at a party on the first day of school. Every first grader can choose a sponsor from another class. The “big ones” see to all the concerns of the “little ones”: They play with them, help them with reading and math, comfort them and accompany them throughout the school year.