Goes Round the World

An Educational Concept Goes Round the World

Our children are the future of the Earth. But they don’t have it easy these days. For what kind of a world will they find? Social inequality, wars and civil wars, religious fanaticism, overexploitation of nature … What should they orient themselves to, in order to build a better world together, a world that is for and with one another, in which it is worth living?

Considering the world situation, more and more people want ethical-moral values to be conveyed to their children as part of their education – values that give them a solid basis for their life and their conduct in a free and just society. They want their children to grow up free of religious and political indoctrination and to mature into self-assured and responsible people; people who learn to develop their talents and to dauntlessly put them into practice for the good of all – also for the benefit of nature and the animals, which are likewise part of God’s creation.

The Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life« are based on a unique concept. It comes from the Kingdom of God and was conveyed by Gabriele, the emissary of God during our time. The universal unity of all Being forms the basis for this educational concept. It leads to the freedom and personal responsibility of the young person and helps him in his steps of development toward a consciously ethical-moral person.

God is the Free Spirit, who loves all His children equally. The Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life« are, therefore, basically open to all people, regardless of color, religion or origin. No matter how He, the Eternal One, is called by people of various cultures – He is and remains the Universal Life, which respirates all Being and preserves its life, as well as the nature kingdoms and man’s second neighbors, the animals.