In an atmosphere of informal fellowship, each young person can develop the talents and capabilities inherent in him, and bring these into the community – if he wants to. Through this, he learns that he is a valuable part of the community; his self-confidence is reinforced.
In the Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life« and under the motto, “discover and develop talents and capabilities,” there are manifold opportunities and workgroups during the afternoon: sports, creative design, artisan work and different aspects of technology, theater, dance, natural treatment and care of animals as well experiencing nature. Music also plays an important role in the development of the children and youth. They can learn to play an instrument and sing together in a choir. The healthy feeling of self-worth that develops from this has its effect, in turn, on their joy of learning and on their motivation in other areas.

Several times a week, supplementary to their lessons, there is time during practice hours to repeat and deepen the lesson material. The pupils receive specific help when there are gaps or weaknesses, but their level of performance can also be additionally fostered.