The human being with his body is a part of nature and has the responsibility to ensure that Mother Earth, the bearer of life, is cared for and preserved. All of creation, with its animals, plants and minerals, bears within the power of God and is maintained by it. For this reason, the Golden Rule “Do not do to another what you do not want to have done to you” also applies to animals.

The children and youth in the Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life« therefore practice the active protection of animals and nature. Together, they explore nature with it various habitats and learn to love it, for example, in the numerous projects of the International Gabriele Foundation, which are oriented to the Land of Peace in the heart of Germany. They provide for the birds at the feeding stations or build nesting boxes that will be hung in the woods. They take care of the animals that have been given the possibility to live out their life to its natural end. They learn to treat animals naturally and lovingly and experience many adventures in nature. During their lessons, the girls and boys also frequently deal with topics on the protection of nature and animals.

A Vegetarian Diet

The vegetarian noon meal, which is cooked fresh in the school every day, also contributes to an active protection of animals, nature and climate. For, anyone who primarily eats grains, vegetables, salads and fruit does something good for himself and his health, as well as for the animals, the planet Earth and the climate. The children and youth inform themselves and others about a healthy and environmentally friendly diet, as well as about organic and peaceable farming. And by cooking together, the boys and girls realize that climate protection tastes good!