What about after the school years? The preparation for an occupational life plays an important role in the educational concept of the Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life.« No matter whether the young person pursues a secondary school education, academic studies or vocational training – what is decisive is that he or she has learned to develop his or her manifold talents and capabilities and gets to know and expand his or her personal strengths. Thus, it is easier for the young people to find the occupation that truly corresponds to them and in which, in later life, they find a task and a purpose that gives them fulfillment.
  Even the youngest gain their first experiences in the
working world - harvesting apples at the orchard.

Learning Workshops and Pre-Vocational Traineeships

The preparation for an occupational life begins already during their time in school in so-called “learning workshops.” Girls and boys in the higher grades go to a firm once a week during a whole year. From a range of occupational fields offered, they choose one which they then get to know more during two months.

In traineeships, they can also actively participate in the life of a firm for several weeks. In this way, they learn the economic correlations and have the possibility to examine their ideas and capabilities in view of a certain occupation. The learning workshops as well as the traineeships are intensely prepared and evaluated together with the teachers.