The educational concept of the Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life« is a model for schools worldwide. In many countries of this Earth, the International Gabriele Foundations for People, Nature and Animals are developing. Following the example of the motherland in Germany, areas of protection and development for nature and animals are emerging. Likewise, in many countries where people come together in communities for the Universal Life, Sophia Schools »Learn With Me For The Universal Life« are developing. The Sophia Schools share their experiences with each other.

In this way, more and more children and youth all over the Earth are growing into young people who develop their talents and capabilities and put them to work for the benefit of all. It is a process of growing into understanding, good will and tolerance, into honesty, integrity and fellowship – also in dealing with animals and nature. They will become a gain for society, because they orient themselves to the principles of equality, freedom, unity, brotherliness and justice, which grow out of the sovereign teachings of the Sermon on the Mount. In this way, ever more peace grows between man, nature and animals, which is so very much needed during our time.